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Sinking Deeper and Deeper...

22 August
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Down with thugs, narcs, and etc. Mass consumerism/materialism/captalism is evil. We are all doomed, can't you see?
a midsummer night's dream, a perfect circle, a world without humans, absinthe, activism, afi, afterlife, alcohol, anasara yoga, angst, anne rice, art, band, bats, biodiversity, bisexuality, bitter cold, bitterness, black, black cats, black roses, blood, books, boys wearing makeup, bright eyes, candles, cats, cheese, clone high, clone high usa, coheed and cambria, conspiracies, corruption, cowboy bebop, cross-dressing, crying, darkness, death, decay, disaster, donnie darko, drawing, dreams, elves, environmental conservation, environmentalism, escapism, eyeliner, eyes, family guy, fantasy, fate, final fantasy, fire, forgiveness, futurama, gothic, graveyards, hairless arms, hairless pretty boys, halloween, hamlet, hippies, hot hot heat, hummus, ice, incense, invader zim, j.r.r. tolkien, john lennon, kisses, life, linkin park, loneliness, lord of the rings, love, loving you, lust, macbeth, magic, meditation, memories, monsters, moonlight, movies, music, narcissus, natural healing, nature, night, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, nonconformity, organic, othello, overpopulation, pale skin, peace, piercing, placebo, poetry, poppy z. brite, rain, rammstein, reading, robes, romeo and juliet, rozz williams, sadness, samhain, sarcasm, save the rainforest, sex, shakespeare, siouxsie and the banshees, smashing pumpkins, socialism, spiders, star gazing, stars, suicide, sunsets, system of a down, the beatles, the environment, the internet, the matrix, the simpsons, the tempest, the universe, thinking too much, thursday, tim burton, tolkien, tragedy, transcendence, truth, understanding, uniqueness, vampire erotica, vampires, veganism, vegetarianism, winter, witches, wormwood, yoga